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Motorcycle Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide Injection – for any bike!

Motorcycle Nitrous Oxide
Motorcycle Nitrous Oxide
Motorcycle Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous - The Myths

Let’s talk about ignorance and old wives’ tales, and dispel some misguided beliefs. Santa doesn’t come down the chimney, and playing with yourself won’t make you go blind (grandma lied on both counts I’m afraid, or you wouldn’t be reading this page). But there’s a third, and less rational, belief that is hard to dispel in some people - thinking that nitrous will blow their engine.

The Truth

Nitrous is probably the LEAST damaging way to get more horsepower from any engine. It’s also the quickest to install, and in terms of £ per bhp, it is a fraction of the cost of other methods! It doesn’t cause damage if fitted and set up correctly; it is not explosive; it isn’t illegal; and you can run an engine for years on nitrous without any problems whatsoever. That’s why we love nitrous!

We only use WoN (Wizard’s of NOS) nitrous kits, designed, built and supplied by Highpower Systems International, because they are simply the best-developed and highest quality nitrous systems money can buy, but still at great value for money. American kits may have long dominated the market, but it’s good to know that Highpower systems are British and the best.

How Nitrous Works

Very simply, nitrous oxide (N20) is an oxygen carrier – it’s not an explosive or even a fuel. Tuning for power is usually a matter of making your engine, which is really just a pump, flow more air into the cylinders. It’s easy to get fuel in there but to get the oxygen needed to burn the fuel, you need air - and lots of it. Getting the last few percent of pumping efficiency out of an engine gets expensive by conventional tuning, and sacrifices daily driveability for high end power.

As nitrous comes in liquid form, a nitrous system gets more oxygen into the cylinder without needing to flow extra air, then we separately add some extra fuel to go with it. Unlike conventional tuning, it doesn’t need to make your engine rev higher to develop extra power, it doesn’t lose any tractability or driveability lower down the rev range, and unlike turbo or supercharging it doesn’t raise the temperature of the inlet charge – in fact, because it’s released into the engine as a highly-cooled vapour, nitrous gives your engine a cooler inlet charge than it would normally have – and that’s a very good thing.

What power will it give me?

If you really want to ‘go large’, nitrous will give you as much power as your engine can physically take, and for drag race applications that can be a big number, but it’s often surprising just how much boost we can safely and reliably add to a standard road bike!

What most road users want are gains that can be achieved without needing any other modifications to the engine. Power increases in the region of 25-30% are achievable with most production engines without any other modifications. The manufacturers build quite big safety margins into their engine designs, and we thank them for that because it means there’s a margin we can safely use to squeeze out a little more power without worrying if the engine can take it.

Some engines have weaker or stronger pistons than others but just about any litre-class sportsbike will safely and reliably take a 40bhp nitrous boost, and some will happily take a lot more, on standard pistons and needing no more modification than a different grade of spark plug. Better still, nitrous gives you raised power and torque across the rev range, so through-gear acceleration is massively improved.

We’ve been running an old and well-used Kawasaki ZX12-R A1 with a 60bhp shot for 10 years now, and it’s still running sweet as new. Often when people see the bottle on a ZX12 they ask “Isn’t it fast enough already?”. Well - is there ever such a thing as fast enough?

For custom builds and race applications, several hundred horsepower of nitrous boost is not uncommon, but for occasional fun use on a road bike, 25bhp is power you can feel, like putting a 1000cc engine in a 750cc frame, and 50bhp takes you into a whole new world at the touch of a button. With larger, higher output engines or race applications we can offer much higher boost levels, and with a progressive nitrous controller all engines can be given higher gains.

We can supply and fit off-the-shelf nitrous kits, or assess your bike and build a bespoke system to suit your application, power needs, and budget – call us or send us an email stating the exact make, model and year of your machine, what you want from it, and we’ll tell you what can be done.

More Information

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