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Car Nitrous Oxide - SB150iD Kit

Streetblaster 150-D

Streetblaster 150-D

Dry Injection Nitrous System for Diesel cars

The Street-Blaster 150-D is a single point system for diesel engines and benefits from numerous unique features as standard equipment, which offer substantial advantages over all other brands.


  • Venom injector.
  • Latest specification market-leading X10 billet alloy solenoid.
  • Micro bore nylon hose for maximum efficiency.
  • EU specification nitrous bottle with FlowMax valve & SPRV.
  • Laserlite QD nitrous bottle mounting system.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

The Street-Blaster 150D is a DRY system intended for diesel applications only - dry means it adds nitrous only, not fuel as well. Unlike petrol engines, diesels can't be fitted with normal wet nitrous systems (which add the extra fuel with the nitrous in the manifold), because it would cause the engine to stall or run very poorly. Therefore diesels are fitted with a dry nitrous system which relies on additional fuel being provided through the existing fuel injection system. Most modern diesel engines run rich to produce peak power - which is why you see smoke from them when they accelerate hard. The diesel nitrous system harnesses that wasted fuel to produce more power and cleaner emissions, allowing us typically to boost diesel cars by 25 or 50bhp with no other modifications.

Having just one solenoid and injector, this is a very cost-effective system, as well as being easy and quick to fit.

On some modern diesels which run very lean and have little extra fuel, or for customers who want higher boost levels, it is possible to have your ECU remapped to deliver more fuel to achieve higher nitrous boost levels, and cheap adjustable 'piggy back' modules are available which make the car run a little richer to produce more power - these are ideal for owners who want higher nitrous power levels. There are also alternatives such as propane injection or methanol injection which can help to provide extra fuel.

Parts Included:

  • 1 x Venom Injector (spacer & retainer).
  • 1 x X10 solenoid with CNC machined SS fittings and laser cut mounting plates.
  • 1 x 5 lb bottle with Max-flow Valve.*
  • 1 x Laserlite polished stainless steel QD bottle mounting system.
  • 1 x Throttle activated micro switch & bracket (electronic TPS upgrade available for an additional charge).
  • 1 x Arming switch w/ aircraft style cover.
  • 1 x Electrical connectors & wire pack.
  • 5M of 5mm high pressure micro bore nylon nitrous supply pipe.
  • 0.5M of 4mm nylon supply line from solenoid to injector.
  • 6 x 4mm retaining nuts and olives for nylon lines.
  • 3 x Metering Jets (suitable for your application)
  • Fitting instructions & stickers
  • *Bottle shipped empty due to UK shipping legislation

SB150D complete kit £618 inc vat  |  Specification Sheet Download