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Motorcycle Brake Caliper Services

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Motorcycle Brake Caliper Services

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Brake Caliper Servicing and Refurbishment – Stay Alive !

We're all keen to get the most from our engines, but nothing is as important as good braking. Bikes simply are not built to withstand wet weather or road salt, and many riders don't realise that one or more of their caliper pistons are seized – until it's too late.

Don't neglect your brakes – hospital food really isn't all that good and bed pans are unpleasant.

We can supply you with seal kits to carry out your own rebuilds, but have facilities to conduct first rate caliper maintenance and refurbishment on your behalf.

We offer a rebuild service which means fully disassembling and checking/cleaning your brakes and rebuilding them with new seals, or a refurbishment which in addition includes media stripping the castings to bare metal, recoating and oven curing before reassembly – so they look pristine.

For some common caliper types, we can also provide a mail order exchange service, so your bike doesn’t have to be off the road for longer than the time it takes you to swap a set of calipers.

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