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Brakemasters™ Motorcycle Brake Caliper Seal Kits

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Brakemasters™ Motorcycle Brake Caliper Seal Kits

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Brake Caliper Seal Kits – Stay Alive !

Braking is important, but we take it for granted until things go horribly wrong, or poor performing brakes just take the edge off an otherwise great bike, and the pleasure of spirited riding is taken away because your bike’s brakes feel like a handkerchief in the wind.

Easy solution – give them a refresh. Removing corrosion build up from the seal grooves and replacing the seals with a quality Brakemasters™ seal kit will free up the pistons and let your brakes work again like they did when new.

If you’re not confident to strip your calipers without damaging the pistons, send them to us (see our brakes services page), but if you are a competent home mechanic and have the tools to strip your calipers and put them back together, we have the parts you need.

There are some really dreadful aftermarket seals available online, brought in for pennies from developing countries, and plenty of sellers out there peddling them, but our seals are either genuine OEM or high quality aftermarket sourced through well-established UK wholesale suppliers. We fit them to our own bikes, and supply kits to the motorcycle trade as well as retail customers worldwide.

As well as the usual ‘big 4’ Japanese manufacturers, we have kits to fit a wide range of European bike makes, including Brembo applications. Please follow the links below to our eBay shop categories, or call us direct to discuss your order and select phone option 2.

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To find out more about our motorbike brake caliper seal kits, call us, email sales@powerhouse.uk, or visit our Ebay Shop.

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