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Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service
Motorcycle Brake Caliper Rebuild Service

Our caliper rebuild service returns you tired, seized calipers to function and efficiency. We start carefully disassembling them, applying some specialised equipment and techniques to extracting seized pistons without causing further damage, then we solvent clean and reassemble with new seals and fittings.

Your calipers will be mechanically 'good as new', giving long term peace of mind. (Price includes new pressure seals, dust seals, caliper half seals, bleed nipples, dust covers and a new set of copper banjo washers so you can refit them properly).

If, rarely, new pistons are required these mostly cost between £13 and £22 each, though some types can be more If we do find piston problems, we take close up photographs and email these to you so you can decide if you want to change them.

More Information

Ring us or email brakes@powerhouse.uk to discuss your requirements before sending your calipers to us. For rebuild the turnaround time is about 4 working days excluding time in post/transit.

Return shipping cost within the UK is £8 per single caliper or £13 for 2 or more. We can also arrange collection for the same fees to save you arranging shipping your calipers to us (if you have an address that is manned during office hours).

Brake Caliper Rebuild Prices

  Single/Twin 4 Pot & Triple 6 Pot
Prices per caliper: £44.00 £57.00 £66.00

The above set menu prices apply to the vast majority of calipers, though for some types we have to provide more expensive seals. In these cases, such as many Brembo applications, an additional charge of £5-10 per caliper may apply.