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Jaguar Supercharger XJ6 Lower Pulleys

Jaguar Supercharger XJ6 Lower Pulleys

The 6 cylinder 1995-97 XJR responds just as well as the V8 models to pulley change, with the advantage that the change process is much easier on the 6.

Unlike the V8 models, on which lower pulley change requires special tools and removal/modification of the crankshaft damper assembly, on the XJR-6 it is a simple unbolt & refit to change the outer drive ring only. Simple, bolt-on horsepower.

We supply these conversions with a special length Goodyear drive belt, so all that is required for the conversion is basic hand tools.

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The kits are £265. Telephone us or email enquiries@powerhouse.uk to discuss or place an order.