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Jaguar Supercharger 4.0 V8 Lower Pulleys

Jaguar Supercharger 4.0 V8 Lower Pulleys

While upper pulley changes are great for both 4.0 and 4.2 litre engines, on the 4.0 the most substantial gains come from upgrading the lower pulley. Our 4.0 lower pulley conversion increases supercharger driven speed by 16%, giving a 45-50bhp/ftlb midrange increase. When I first did this conversion to my own XKR I couldn’t believe it was the same car. We describe the conversion as adding a litre of capacity to the motor, and are yet to find a customer who disagrees.

(Lower pulleys can be upgraded on 4.2 models, but as they already have a lower pulley 8% larger than those on a 4,0, the best route for the 4.2 is an upper pulley).

The lower pulley conversion includes:

  • Removal of crankshaft damper unit
  • Machining of the car’s crankshaft damper assembly
  • Fitment of a billet alloy upgraded drive pulley to the crank damper
  • Reassembly with new OEM Jaguar crank pulley bolt, O ring seal and special length Goodyear Gatorback drive belt.

Drive-in, drive out cost of this conversion is £654, or if you send us your crankshaft damper unit we can convert that and provide you with the other items in kit form for £445. If you bring the car to us, we do need it for a full day for this conversion and prefer, if possible, for the car to be left with us for a couple of days – sometimes removal of the crank damper units can cause significant delays.

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