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Jaguar Powerflex Bushes

Poly Bush Kits for Jaguar XKR & XJR

Jaguar Powerflex Bushes

The X100, X300 and X308 series cars are no longer young, and most now have tired suspension bushes – even low mileage cars. Rubber not only gets battered by road wear but oxidises and perishes with age. The whole driving experience can be improved up by replacing old bushes with new standard items, or sharpened further by fitting polyurethane bushes. Better still, poly bushes offer the huge advantage that they are not subject to ageing like rubber so will virtually last forever.

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If you enjoy driving your Jaguar, and want handling precision and feedback without sacrificing ride comfort, poly bushing the car needs to be high on your modification wish list. Call us or email enquiries to discuss options.