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Jaguar Intercooler Rads & Pumps

Uprated Intercooler Radiator Jaguar XKR 1996-2005 X100 and XJR 1997-2002 X308

Jaguar Intercooler Rads & Pumps

Unfortunately, Jaguar didn't design much reserve into the intercooler circuit. If coolant and inlet air temperatures rise too much, the ECU detects the changes and retards ignition accordingly to protect the engine – this will even happen on a standard car in hot conditions, though it is rarely noticeable to the driver.

Unless intended for track or very hard road use, the cooling system can cope comfortably with a single pulley upgrade. Driven hard however, standard and single pulley upgraded engines will benefit from cooler inlet air temperatures, and that means more power. Engines with both pulleys upgraded don't just benefit from uprated intercooling – they need it. We have invested in the manufacture of drop-in replacement intercooler radiators to fit the XKR and offer them at far more affordable prices than the £650-£800 typical from other sellers.

We have had these units made with maximised side tank capacity to increase the heat sink capacity of the overall system significantly.

Jaguar Intercooler Rads & Pumps

Uprated Intercooler Radiator

£550.00 Bolt-in replacement for the standard pre-cooler radiator.

Uprated Intercooler Water Pump

£175.00 Some adjustment is required to the mount brackets, and loom end connections need to be replaced with generic electrical connectors.

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